Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monthly Review - March 2010

March was another positive month for financial progress with small gains on my investments and positive cash flow on my properties being partially offset by closing costs on the latest property purchase to produce a solid if unspectacular gain in net worth. Savings were low.

Here are the details:

1. my Hong Kong equity portfolio appreciated. There were no trades this month

2. all of my ETFs appreciated (Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan and India)

3. my commodities appreciated slightly

4. all of my properties are let producing a positive cash flow and contributing to the gain in net worth. One tenant has fallen into arrears

5. currency movements produced a gain as the USD depreciated

6. I did one ELD over China Construction Bank

7. savings were positive but limited due to a combination of income at the low end of expectations and expenses being high.

My cash position took a major hit this month with the completion of the latest property purchase (a JV with mrs traineeinvestor). The expenses (air ticket, hotel etc) for both a short holiday with mrs traineeinvestor and the airfare for the family's annual visit to my parents all hit either the bank account or the credit card this month.

I have started making an accrual for redecorating our apartment next year.

For the month, net worth increased by 0.9%. The year to date increase is 7.0%. A good start to the year.

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