Friday, April 16, 2010

Moving closer to retirement - non-financial preparation

Ensuring that I have sufficient financial resources to fund my retirement is important - I have no wish to be compelled to return to the workforce after I quit.

The non-financial aspects of retirement are also important. Sitting in front of the TV or computer all day is a good way to achieve terminal boredom, mental atrophy and physical degeneration. While I am confident that Mrs Traineeinvestor would have no difficulty coming up with a list (a long list) of things for me to do, I suspect I will be much happier working off my own list.

Accordingly, having a list of things to do prepared before I retire is important and I have been working on it for some time. The list currently includes:

1. places to visit: high on the list is a drive through the South Island of New Zealand. Syria and other parts of the Middle East also feature, although I am hoping to do some of them next year as part of my annual leave;

2. fitness: I "run" a very slow marathon (4.5 hours). Working hours limit the time available for training. I would like do some overseas marathons. Sydney in particular;

3. hobbies: I have a number of interests which I really do not have time to do much with: photography and wine being two examples. I can see myself doing some courses on both. I would like to take up sailing again;

4. investments: I will continue to manage my investments. This is something which has to be done - fortunately I find it interesting;

5. other activities: like many I have always wanted to write a book. I have done the plot outline and some of the contents. Finishing this project would be great (regardless of whether or not it ever gets published). There are some charities and running clubs which I would like to volunteer my time to. Lastly, some further study would enjoyable.

There are quite a few other things on the list as well, but the above will be enough for the first year or so.


Don said...

Hobbies, investments, fitness are great choices for your time during retirement. Preparation for each and all of the other activities you like will help the process. No need to be concerned all of the time about the economic side. Sure, be prepared and be aware. But invest your time in those things that make you happy. Look for retirement hobbies that fill your passion.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's just the time in my life - but I can't imagine doing what you're planning on the retirement front.

You'll retire at a time when, conceivably, you will live your entire life over again but only the first year is taken care of with some hobbies.

That's either a breathtaking opportunity as the possibilities are endless or a potentially mundane experience.

Personally, I need a bigger objective, but I'm intrigued by the idea that there is a choice to do anything.

traineeinvestor said...

@ Andrew - it will take me several years to work my way through the full list. That's good enough for me. Some of the things I want to do will get progressively harder as I age, so sooner is better. I could always go back to work or university if I get sufficiently bored

@ Don - Thanks for the link. I had not come across that site before.