Friday, January 27, 2012

VTech purchased

I have added a few more shares in VTech (HK:303) to the portfolio.  There have been no changes to my views on the company (strong balance sheet, good yield etc).

One thing that has changed is the Fed announcing an intention to keep interests at very low levels until at least 2014.  This should support demand for stocks offering decent dividend yields.


Anonymous said...

Just an unrelated on Tai Sang Land, which you previously purchased.

I have heard that the management is dodgy, any idea on this?

Does this mean the company is using a couple of millions each year to provide free accomodation to its directors, all this while the real profits of this company (excluding revaluations) is lamentable?

traineeinvestor said...

Thanks for point that out. While I can understand a company providing part of employees' remuneration by way of housing or a housing allowance (its more tax effective for the employee), having had a look at the total admin/overhead costs of this company, the numbers look a little on the high side for a company of this size.
I'm going to have another look at this one.