Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Portfolio top ups

In what is so far prooving to be an exercise in catching falling knives, I placed a series of buy orders to add small quantities of additional shares to some of my existing positions. So far the following have been filled:

  • Hang Seng Bank (HK:11): at HK$106.00. Essentially buying for yield
  • VoDone (HK:82): at HK$0.94. Buying at about the recent placement price
  • COSCO Pacific (HK:1199): at HK$10.36. Another yield play
  • VTech (HK:303) at HK$86.10. A high yielding exposure to China's growing consumer sector
So far it's looking pretty ugly.

I have outstanding buy orders in on a few other stocks which are being sold off.


Anonymous said...

The price of 303 may not be correct, please check.

traineeinvestor said...

Unfortunately it is correct :-(

The post was a wrap up of small purchases over a couple of days.