Thursday, June 27, 2013

A sale, a purchase and some unfilled orders

Yesterday, I placed a number of orders.

The first was to sell some of my shares in China Gas (HK:384). In dollar terms, this has been my most profitable individual share investment. With a then large (for me) investment at an average price of slightly more than HK$2.00 (net of dividends and transaction costs) the amount of money locked up in this company has been uncomfortably high for some time. Accordingly, I sold some of my shares at HK$6.94. Given the subsequent bounce this was pretty awful timing.

The second was to add to my loss making position in the A50 Share ETF (HK:2823). I paid HK$8.76 for the additional units.

I also tried to buy additional shares in BCIA (HK:694) and GDI (HK:270) being infrastructure companies which I believed offered a reasonable balance between stability and longer term growth. Unfortunately, both companies jumped above my limits on opening so these orders went unfilled.

The end result was basically to swap some China Gas shares into the A50 ETF which was not what I wanted.

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