Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tesco puchased

I had a small amount of money sitting in a dormant brokerage account in the UK. Having finally got around to activating the account, I purchased some shares in Tesco (LN:TSCO) last week. The shares have been disappointing but with the UK economy showing signs of recovery, the loss making US operations being disposed of and the move to a JV vehicle in China, I am hopeful that the worst is now behind this company (possibly Europe will continue to disappoint). Even if it takes time to return to growth, the dividend yield of around 4% means that I am being paid while I wait.

I paid GBP3.56 per share.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the UK has a good range of ETFs i'd be happy to recommend if you still have any spare cash there. Take a look through my purchases or let me know if you'd like any recommendations


traineeinvestor said...

Hi beancounter

Thanks for that. Not a lot of cash left inthe UK at the moment but I am thinking of adding more in the quest for further diversification.

Thanks for your write up on HK:3139 - I had a look and purchased a few last week.