Sunday, July 30, 2006

Save Money - Do Not Buy From Amazon

I read a lot of books, although not as a many as I used to do before we had children. Amazon has a lot to offer, most notably an inventory which is much much bigger than any book store in Hong Kong. Frequently, the discounted price of the books on offer will be competitive. However, it is expensive once the cost of shipping is taken into account.

When I find a book that I want which my local book store (Dymocks) does not have in stock, I simply ask them to order it for me. I do not have to pay for shipping. Delivery time is similar to Amazon and the price is less than Amazon's price + the shipping I have to pay when ordering through Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Another great tip, depending on what sort of books one tends to read, is to see if the local university allows non-affiliated locals to borrow. Not only do universities have huge holding, but they can also get anything they don't have through inter-library loan.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas- I have Amazon links, hwoever, I have not personally bought from there. I like going to bookstores, getting a cup of coffee and reading (and leaving empty handed!) as well as borrowing books from friends (who all happen to like what I like). I have thought about starting a sort of book-sharing program- with an initial $ buy in fee, to be used in case someone misplaces a book and we have to replace it. Hmm, maybe I'll work on that.