Sunday, October 29, 2006

Refurbishment project

My latest propety purchase is due to complete in less that two weeks time. I am intending to completely refurbish the flat - it is a mess - and have just reviewed the quote from the contractor. The total cost, which includes rearranging the internal partitions and replacing the kitchen and bathroom is equal to about 12% of the purchase price. I will try and figure out ways to trim a few dollars off the cost without affecting the quality of the finished project. While I have redecorated flats before, usually I do the minimum in order to be able to rent a property out. In this case, I went for the total refurbishment option after looking at the numbers for a similar project for a nearly identical flat in the same building.

I am also arranging for the contractor to start work on the completion date.

It should be an interesting learning experience as well as, I hope, a profitable one.

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