Monday, December 03, 2007

Monthly Review - November

My net worth increased by 1.8% in November (0.6% was due to correcting an error in previous balance sheets).

The year to date increase is 33.1%.

The return on my investments was mildly positive. Spending was low. Income was strong.
Here are the details:

1. my unit trusts declined in value during the month. The declines were most noticeable in the emerging markets funds;

2. my residual share portfolio appreciated (largely due to one of the two largest shares in the portfolio being subject to a takeover offer);

3. my investment in silver was almost unchanged;

4. my tenants continued to pay the rent on time and rents continue to be higher than the expense component of the outgoings. The only negative here is the new flat which is now fully renovated but in need of a tenant (which may take a while in view of the fact that the building will be covered with scaffolding as the exterior renovation is undertaken over the next five months);

6. expenses were moderate. There were no large items;

7. my income was high.

The combined effect of the combined effect of the above resulted in a 1.8% increase in net worth at month end. Currency movements were negligible this month. The only investment activities undertaken during the month were regular monthly payments into two small cap investment funds and a small speculative trade in HSI warrants.Looking ahead to December, I expect a small increase in income, a smaller increase in expenditure (due to the Christmas parties and buying presents) and have no material plans to change any investments.

2007 looks like being a great year for my finances.

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