Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An unhappy tenant

One of my tenants is unhappy and I cannot blame him. When the tenant signed the lease, the building was undergoing the second part of a refurbishment programme that involved putting scaffolding up around the building and temporarily removing the air-conditioning units. The work was expected to be completed in March or, at latest, the end of April (i.e. before the weather got really hot and humid).

Well the work is still going on and the building manager has been unable to advise when the work will be completed. The tenant has complained about the situation to me, to my agent and to the building manager. I have complained to the building manager and have asked my agent to put some pressure on them (the agent manages several units in the building). While the risk of delay in removing the scaffolding and reinstalling the air-conditioning units was discussed as part of the lease negotiations so that the tenant does not have the right to terminate the lease because of the delay, I would prefer to keep the tenant as happy as possible - good tenants tend to do less damage and to pay the rent on time and are more likely to renew at the end of the lease. Unfortunately, beyond making my displeasure known to the building manager, there would appear to be nothing that I can do about the situation.

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