Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HSI Put Warrant Purchased

One of my vices is having delusions about making a living as an active trader of investments (shares, commodities etc). Needless to say, the urge to trade actively is one that should be (and usually is) constantly suppressed. Occasionally I allow myself to play with relatively small amounts. So far this year I have made 4 short term trades. Three have made money and one has lost money for a small net gain. I suppose I could say that it is not doing me any harm.

As examples: I lost money on a silver trade in August and made some money buying put warrants on the Hang Seng Index in March.

Today I purchased some HSI put warrants (15499) at HK$0.161 in the expectation that the HSI will weaken in the short term as the initial optimism over China's stimulus package falls away.

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