Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monthly Review - December 2008

December was the a very positive month in for my investments. Just about everything appreciated in value, savings were positive and I continued to enjoy full rental income from my properties. However, the fact remains that my mark to market investments collectively lost a considerable amount of money in 2008.

Here are the details:

1. my actively managed funds all gained during the month. I am still holding losses on many of them. I currently have investments in actively managed funds investing in Thailand, Taiwan, Eastern Small Companies, European Small Companies and Vietnam;

2. my equity ETFs all appreciated. I currently have exposure to Hong Kong, India and Taiwan;

3. my residual equity portfolio appreciated;

4. my commodity investments went sideways. I opened a small position in the Lyxor Commodities ETF during December. My other positions (also small) are in nickel and lean hogs;

5. all my properties are all fully rented and the tenants are paying the rent on time. I have both a positive cash flow and a surplus of income over expenses (which represents an increase in net worth). One lease has expired and has been renewed at a slightly higher rental;

6. currency movements were marginally favourable as the USD weakened against a number of currencies.

One portfolio investment was made near the beginning of the month (Lyxor Commodities ETF).

Contrary to expectations, my income rose during the month but this was largely a timing difference and is not expected to be sustainable. My spending was high due to the family holiday (fully provided for). For the month, my net worth increased by 3.01%. The year to date decrease is 1.37%.

A separate post reviewing my finances for 2008 will follow shortly.

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