Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day - annual romance killer

Tomorrow is Valentine's day - that day of the year when florists, restaurateurs and others do their utmost to kill romance with inflated prices, tacky advertisements and poor value pre-packaged services.

I had hopes that one of the fringe benefits of the economic recession would be a reduction of the extent of the price gouging. Sadly, those hopes have not been realised. The cost of a dozen roses actually went up this year and restaurants still insist on offering "specials" comprising over priced meals that offer limited choices on food and very ordinary wine at prices that would embarrass a hedge fund manager.

As usual, I have succumbed to the pressure to deplete the bank account for the flowers (in spite of mrs traineeinvestor's request not to waste money) but will boycott the restaurants and cook a candle lit dinner for two at home with an only somewhat overpriced bottle of very good wine.

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