Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monthly Review - January 2010

January was another positive month for financial progress with small losses on my investments being outweighed by positive cash flow on my properties, a good savings rate and the receipt of my annual bonus to produce a solid gain in net worth. It was particularly pleasing that the HK equities actually increased in value (if only marginally) in a month when the local index fell.

Here are the details:

1. my Hong Kong equity portfolio appreciated slightly, in spite of a minor pull back in the overall market towards the end of the month. This was surprising. There were no transactions this month

2. my ETFs declined in line with their respective indexes (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia and India)

3. my commodities declined slightly

4. all of my properties are let and all tenants were paying on time producing a positive cash flow and contributing to the gain in net worth

5. currency movements produced a small loss

6. I did not do any ELDs

7. I did one small day trade on Friday which will settle next week and show up in the February review.

8. savings were positive with income at the high end of expectations and expenses more or less in line. I also received part of my annual bonus this month (the other part will be paid next month)

For the month, net worth increased by 3.2%. A good start to the year.

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