Monday, September 06, 2010

A series of repairs and some leases up for renewal

After a relatively charmed run, in the last few weeks I have been hit by a series of repair bills:

1. replacing two airconditioning units

2. replacing a hot water cylinder

3. fixing a broken water pipe that was leaking into the common areas

4. cleaning four airconditioning units

5. a leak in the kitchen - source unknown

I have already paid for #1 and #4 and expect to pay the rest this month.

I also have two leases expiring soon - one at the end of September and the other in late October. Both tenants are looking at alternatives so the possibility of some vacancies is there which would bring to an end a very long series of months with positive cash flow. One of the tenants who is looking at other properties to rent has asked for an extension for a "month or two" which I have refused. I either want them to be out by the end of October or to commit to remaining in place until at least the end of March - finding tenants around Christmas time and around Chinese New Year has, in the past, been problematic. If I must have a vacancy, I would prefer a short one.

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