Thursday, January 06, 2011

China Metal Recycling purchased (2)

This morning I added some more shares in China Metal Recycling (HK:773) to the private portfolio, paying HK$8.90 per share. This follows Tuesday's purchase at HK$8.75.

One of the reasons for increasing my weighting is that the number of shares in the portfolio has now reached the stage were I feel I have sufficient company specific diversification (which I appreciate is a very debatable subject). Since (i) I am still in the accumulation stage and (ii) I feel I have that additional comfort of holding a sufficiently large number of companies and (iii) I need to monitor each company to at least some extent, I have concluded that it is reasonable for me to increase the amount I invest in each company. While I am not planning on setting any target, maximum or minimum number of investments, I do need to remind myself that each investment needs to be watched and the amount of time available to do so is limited by factors such as my job, my family and sleep.

One of my tasks over the next few weeks (work permitting) is to review some of the other stocks in the portfolio and consider whether I should be adding to my positions.

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