Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book review: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

It's been a while since I read a self help motivational book. Steve Chandler's book was picked more or less at random and for the principle reason that I wanted some ideas to keep myself motivated once I transit into retirement and no longer have anyone imposing deadlines on me, no one paying me to get off my butt and get things done and no longer have the sense of professional responsibility to fall back on when all else fails. I've a long list of things I want to do once I leave the work force for good and don't want to wake up four or five years into retirement and find that my only achievement has been to gain weight and leave a permanent indentation in the sofa.

Chandler's book might have been designed just for me - 100 different techniques (actually 101) for motivating yourself to get things done, to find inspiration, to lift you mood, deal with pessimism and other similar problems.

I particularly liked the sheer diversity of the techniques offered. Approaches ranging from "welcoming the unexpected" to "get on your deathbed" all struck a chord with me. I can see this book staying on my book shelf (Kindle) for some time as a pick me up for times when I'm struggling to get going.

This one joins Richard Wiseman's 59 Seconds as one of the few self help books that I can see myself revisiting in the future.

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ChampDog said...

Read this book few year book. This is a good book! :)