Friday, June 03, 2011

Sino Oil & Gas Purchased

This is a late post.

I made a small investment in Sino Oil & Gas (HK:702) on 31 May paying HK$0.52 per share. The company's market cap is relatively small compared to the potential resource value but is speculative given the risks in extracting value from those resources. If they can succeed in bringing the resource to commercial production then there is likely to be considerable upside (at least one broker has a HK$0.78 price target). If they fail, then the loss of value is likely to be significant.

So far it's looking like a bad investment with the shares currently trading at HK$0.48, for an unrealised loss of almost 10% in only a few days.


HBC said...

keep it on your portfolio for the next 6 months. i believe that is the most advanced cbm player in china from a regulatory standpoint.

traineeinvestor said...

Thanks for dropping by.

I hope so - it's come down a long way from where I purchased it and I expect it will fall further today.