Monday, February 06, 2012

Hong Kong marathon

Yesterday I waddled may way around 42.2 kilometers of Hong Kong's highways to complete the Hong Kong marathon. While my time was at the unimpressive end of the spectrum (as always), it was a relatively good one for me and I enjoyed the experience. Switching the latter part of the race from Connaught Road to the waterfront was excellent - not only did it eliminate one over bridge, it also avoided having to run for a couple of kilometers next to heavy traffic. Overcast conditions and a nice breeze for most of the race certainly helped.

The field was more crowded than I would like but no so bad as to unduly impede running after the first few kilometers. The drink stations were well organised and plentiful but I really wish for a better sports drink - the one on offer is pretty awful.

On the downside, it was unfortunate to learn that a 26 year old competitor in the half marathon collapsed and died shortly after crossing the finishing line and two other runners are, at the time of writing, still in critical condition.

I'll be back next year.

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