Saturday, January 05, 2013

Six pay days to go

My seventh to last pay cheque has hit the bank account ... only six more to come. Or maybe not. Senior management will be in town next week to "discuss my proposed retirement" and I have been told that in addition to understanding why I want to retire early, there will be a push to either extend the date or to persuade me to continue part time for a while longer. I am open to working part time as it will help me transition into retirement and the exact end date has always been subject to a bit of flexibility to allow for proper completion and/or transition of whatever projects I have running then.

On other matters, I have notified the insurance company of my intention to cancel my term life policy. The response was an e-mail urging me to consider the financial needs of myself and my family very carefully before cancelling because it would not be possible for me to get the same coverage without paying a much higher premium if I change my mind. Since I (or more accurately my family) do not need the coverage, it is still a wasteful expense no matter how good the deal.

I have drafted a revised will. The only material difference from the current one is to include my siblings as minor beneficiaries (they had previously been named to receive a share of the proceeds of the term life policy). I'll have someone review it to make sure I haven't messed up the drafting before signing it.

Nothing else to report on as I count down to retirement.

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