Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Limited financial review for April, 2013

Due to the death of my computer and the failure of the backup drive, I am not able to do the usual monthly review this month. Depending on how much can be recovered over the next few weeks, I may have to reconstruct all my spreadsheets. :-(

Some comments:

1. savings rate was high with high income. Our holiday expenses had been budgeted for so would not have had an impact on net worth (only cash);

2. all properties remained fully occupied. However, cash flow was slightly negative this month due to a combination of (i) cutting the rent on a unit in a building which is getting a substantial refurbishment (ii) paying one of the installments for that refurbishment and (iii) some minor repair bills for another unit. I expect to be back to positive cash flow in May. I will also start to receive a slightly higher rental on a unit where the tenant has just signed a new lease;

3. my equities probably declined during the month. I am not able to quantify by how much. During the month, I purchased shares in Hutchison (HK:13), Chorus (NZX: CNU) and Challenger Financial (ASX: CGF) and sold my shares in Sino Oil & Gas (HK: 702);

4. my remaining commodities declined sharply (but they are a small part of our net worth). I sold my units in Lean Hongs (LSE: HOGS) and Nickel (LSE: NICK) as well as my position in platinum and increased my position in silver;

5. currency movements were marginally unfavourable with the AUD in particular weakening against the USD;

6. I am not able to calculate the number of months of net cash (including near cash such as short term bonds) on hand but it would have fallen due to the new investments (in particular HWL which was a large investment).

Overall, I would have expected my net worth to have fallen slightly during the month.

Other matters:

7. we are temporarily carrying double medical insurance. My policy will end when I retire, so we have taken out a different policy through Mrs Traineeinvestor's employer and will cancel my policy this month;

8. one property became debt free with the last mortgage payment being made today. I have cancelled the fire insurance for that unit to save a bit more money;

9. with my retirement date fixed at 30 September, I have exactly five months (and six paydays remaining).

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