Monday, May 06, 2013

A small speculation - China Starch

I have recently done my financial housekeeping and got rid of almost all my "too small" and speculative investments. Going forward, I am allowing myself a maximum of three small speculative investments at a time.

Until last week, I had none*. I have opened a small position in China Starch (HK:3838). The company has around HK$0.16 in net cash per share, is selling on a mid-single digit PE and has a 3.3% trailing dividend yield. Some of that cash will (I expect) be used to fund their new factory premises. The reason why I have classified this as "speculative" is that the trading volumes are extremely low. Some days it would be very difficult to sell out of a position.

I paid HK$0.212 per share.

* My holding of Tontine Wines (HK:389) is currently "too small".

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