Monday, November 18, 2013

HK Trailwalker completed

I managed to stumble my way around the Hong Kong Trailwalker on Friday/Saturday. Completing the very hilly 100 km course across the New Territories brings with it a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a lot of pain. I am tempted to do it again, but really need to (i) train harder and smarter and (ii) figure out ways to reduce the blistering on my feet (which was seriously affecting my speed over the last two stages). Having three great team mates and a wonderfully dedicated support team really added to the experience.

Full credit to Oxfam not only for their consistently excellent organisation and management of the event but also for neatly foiling the efforts of selfish and greedy local residents who tried to block the route as a means of extorting land belonging to the Hong Kong people for their own commercial gain. All  the protesters managed to demonstrate is their own arrogance and greed. It is long past time that the ridiculous apartheid-style land ownership claims of the Kuk were dismissed with the contempt that they deserve.

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