Thursday, February 01, 2007

Financial Review - January

My attempt to track expenses more precisely last year failed after only three months due to a combination of silly working hours and apathy. For 2007 I have decided to put down in writing a short report on how my finances are doing each month.

My net worth increased by 3.1% in January. This is a big result - if I could do that well every month, I would be a very happy blogger. I would also be thinking about bringing my retirement date forward.

There were gains on most of my investments: my funds and equities were almost all up during the course of the month. Silver also rose. The only material exception was the new investment in a Vietnam fund which is currently down. I had no major expenses during the month which meant that I managed to save just over 54% of my salary (well above target). I have not revalued my properties.

In terms of investments:

1. my dollar cost averaging into an Asian and a European small companies funds continued;

2. I made a lump sum investment into a Vietnam fund;

3. I paid the contractor the second installment of 55% of the cost of refurbishing a property (this is treated as an investment not an expense because it adds to the value of the property). The balance of 5% is due in February;

4. I had to top up a mortgage payment due to some vacancies. I will need to do the same in February due to a timing gap between returning a deposit to a former tenant and receiving a deposit from a new tenant;

5. I made a small addition to my position in silver.

Apart from #4 above, I do not anticipate any major expenses in February.

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