Monday, February 26, 2007

Dell - No Service At All

My Dell lap top decided to die on me over the weekend. Needless to say it did it a matter of weeks after the 12 month warranty had expired.

After exhausting the self help options, I have discovered that Dell provides no service support whatsoever:

1. on-line support is only available if your warranty is current;

2. the telephone help line only provides perpetual hold messages (in Cantonese only);

3. nowhere on the site is there a physical address I can go to.

Needless to say there is zero chance of me ever purchasing anything from Dell again.

At least I have a back up of all my important documents.

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L. Marie Joseph said...

Good u backup your documents, Most computer companies such as IBM and Gateway do not help you if it's out of warranty.

Only option is to get an extended warranty.

But most companies do not support tech assistance if computer is not in warranty.