Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bank Manager Quits

I had developed a very good relationship with a manager at the bank which provides most of our property finance in Hong Kong. He made loan applications about as easy as I could reasonably expect (short of doing no financials loans). Everything was done by phone or e-mail and he came to see me when the time came to sign the documents. I never had to get off my butt and visit the bank. If I pointed out that another bank was offering a better deal he would match it. Best of all, he would get the bank approval required for each tenancy in a matter of days without ever having to amend the terms of a lease (other banks could take weeks and would insist on pointless or impossible amendments). Things had reached the point were he was taking me out to lunch.

Anyway, he has quit to join another bank (unfortunately one with which I have had less satisfactory dealings) so I will need to build up a relationship with his successor.

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