Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Book Review: Strategy for the Wealthy Family

"Strategy for the Wealthy Family" by Mark Haynes Daniell is a thick door stopper of a book (478 pages + index etc) which addresses the needs of a a wealthy family seeking to preserve their wealth across generations.

While parts of the book are clearly more appropriate for very wealthy families with family offices or high end private bankers to take care of their needs, there is a great deal which could be adopted by lesser families (such as my own).

The author suggests that wealthy families adopt a formal strategy which amounts to treating the family in a similar manner as a business. Among other topics discussed:
  • adopting a family constitution
  • wealth preservation
  • wealth management
  • managing family business
  • effective philanthropy
  • living a truly wealthy life
  • succession planning

There were sample documents for (among others) a family strategy document, an investment policy statement and an ethical will. There were two versions of the family strategy document, one for a US$5 million family and one for a US$50 million family. (Needless to say, I have no need of the latter.)

At the moment I am still in the process of accumulating sufficient funds to retire (target 2012/age 46). However, given our age difference, whatever we save may have to last my wife for 50 years. Accordingly, the wealth preservation sections where extremely useful and I will be looking to adopt some (but not all) of them.

Recomended (even for not so wealthy families).

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Anonymous said...

With such kind and well chosen words about my book, I am sure the author of this review is already vastly wealthy in all things that truly matter.

I appreciate the thoughts and am pleased to know you found (some of)my ideas helpful.

Warmest regards,

Mark Haynes Daniell