Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Monthly Review - November 2009

November was yet another positive month for my investments. How much longer can this go on for? Absent a serious step backwards in December it will be a record breaking year for my finances.

Here are the details:

1. my Hong Kong equity portfolio recorded solid gains. I sold Pacific Basin at a small profit and partially reinvested in VTech (the share price overran my limit and I elected not to chase the price). I also did a small profitable day trade in HSI warrants. The bad news of getting hit on a Hutchison Whampoa put warrant at an effective cost of HK$57.95 (current market is below HK$53) was not enough to outweigh the gains elsewhere in the portfolio.

2. my ETF's all marched upwards with India and Hong Kong leading the way.

3. my Australia and New Zealand equities and managed portfolio were down by a small amount.

4. my commodities recorded small gains.

5. one of my two outstanding ELD positions was exercised against me, resulting in me having holding a large position in Hutchison Whampoa which I am holding at a loss. The other position remains out of the money.

6. my rental properties remain fully let (except for the new purchase undergoing renovation) and all tenants are paying on time. Positive cash flow combined with P+I mortgages are a nice thing.

7. FX movements were very slightly adverse this month.

8. income was at the high end of expectations. Unfortunately, I had a lot of expenses this month - I paid the second installment of our Christmas holiday, I started paying for medical insurance for the first time, expenses for my Trailwalker and a few lesser items. I also received the tax bill for the company which holds some of my Hong Kong properties. Although not due until early January, I elected to pay it now. I still managed to achieve net savings (one of the benefits of having a high savings rate), although at a lower level than usual.

The end result was a net gain of 1.8%. The gain for the year to date is 70.9%. Absolutely unbelievable.

Note: this month's numbers were calculated at close of business on 1 December rather than at the end of the month as usual.

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