Friday, December 16, 2011

Lyxor funds delisting - resulting portfolio changes

Lyxor recently announced that it would delist its ETFs from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and also deauthorise them with the SFC.  Having decided that I do not wish to hold unauthorised funds (even though they would still be regulated in Europe and would be redeemable at NAV), I have sold my positions in the Lyxor India MSCI ETF (HK:2810), Lyxor Commodities ETF (HK:2809), Lyxor Taiwan ETF (HK:2837) and Lyxor Russia ETF (HK:2831).  Although irrelevant to my decision, all were sold at prices higher than my original purchase costs.

I have reinvested some of the proceeds into the iShares India ETF (HK: 2836) fund.  The balance is still looking for a new home.  A small amount has been added to my position in Vodone (HK:82) which today announced the launch of its online lottery business.  I paid HK$1.00 for the additional shares.

Between existing cash/near cash, the sale proceeds from the Lyxor funds, the possible sale proceeds from the possible general offer for China Gas (HK:384) and my end of year payment, I will have a considerable amount of cash on hand and be in need of some investment ideas.

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