Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sino Oil and Gas purchased

This afternoon I added some additional shares in Sino Oil and Gas (HK:702) to the portfolio.  This is essentially an investment in China's increasing consumption of gas.  Sino Oil and Gas is now one of my ten largest positions.

I paid HK$0.295 for the additional shares.


Anonymous said...

From announcement of Dec 7th, they seem to be extremely generous to their directors and staff. They have just issued another 559,700,000 Share Options at exercise price of 0.276

I wonder this. Can Independent Directors truly be independent when they all have stock options?

traineeinvestor said...


Thanks for pointing that out. Overly generous in my view and if they continue diluting investors in that manner, I may rethink my investment in this company.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the best, if not the only name I'd invest in in the Chinese unconventional gas space.

The stock could face further dilution risk (10% of issued capital). but risk/reward is still compelling in light of the potential upside (mkt cap could double/trouble in 2yrs)?

7% down today - seems to be stock specific and could be related to the 5% increase in issued capital in Dec11. Does that mean everything else been constant, HKD.25 is the bottom?