Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A small day trade badly executed

I'm not much of a day trader, but on Friday I noticed the high turnover of Radford Capital (HK:901) and did a bit of digging. With its NAV at over HK$0.10 per share and the share price at around HK$0.045 per share I decided to put in an order at HK$0.045.

The order was partly filled before the share price ran away. Given the rate at which the company has lost money over the last few years and having had a look at the larger investments disclosed in its most recent report to shareholders, this was not a company that I wished to hold long term so I did not increase my limit order even though I could have filled it at HK$0.047 (or thereabouts).

I sold yesterday at HK$0.058 making enough money to take Mrs Traineeinvestor out for a modest dinner with a decent bottle of wine. If I had filled the order completely and held for one more day, it would have been a very nice Christmas present indeed.


J-D said...

David Webb had some interesting comments about Radford and the“Chung Nam Network"...

Anonymous said...

Hi J-D

Yep. It's a company with a "interesting" history.
Not one that I would consider for more than a day trade.


Anonymous said...

Risky stuff, my heart is pounding just from reading :P