Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Seven pay days to go

With only seven pay days to go, I'd like to report that a feeling of anticipation is building. It's not and I can't figure out why? Possibly being extremely busy at work has something do to with it (and the work is actually quite interesting) - but that will not get me to change my mind.

I have decided to cancel my term life policy when it comes up for renewal in January. By definition, if there is enough money to support myself and my family then there is enough money to support the family without me being around. That there is no estate duty in Hong Kong is obviously helpful. The annual premium is not a huge expense, but it's still a nice saving that can be applied elsewhere. One consequence is that I will need to revise my will to achieve the desired testamentary distributions.

No other major pre-retirement issues or developments to report.

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