Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hong Kong Marathon

There must be an easier way to atone for my dietary sins.

Inadequate training (longest training run was about 27K) combined with a warm (27 C) humid (95%) day to ensure that I had no chance of putting in a decent time (by my rather mediocre standards). I decided to treat it as a training exercise (although I'm not sure what I would be training for) and just enjoy the experience of running across three bridges, through three tunnels and the Causeway Bay shopping district.

The event was well organised and coped well with the increased number of entries. The extensive and well managed drink stations offering water and sports drink (although not one that either I nor anyone else I know actually likes) were the key to enjoying the event.

I'll be back next year and hopefully will be in shape to come in under 4 hours.


Super Saver said...

Congratulations. Finishing a marathon is a great achievement. I ran one (and only one :-) when I was in my thirties. I finished in 4:09. I was glad to have run a marathon at least once.

traineeinvestor said...

This was one of my slower times - close to 4.5 hours, but I enjoyed doing it. It's a good sense of acheivement for the non-athletic types like myself. I'm thinking of having another go next year with a sub four hour target.

The only problem was that I forgot to trim my toenails before the event - I'm currently limping around the streets of New York carrying the wife's shopping.

Anonymous said...

happy to read~ thank you!........................................