Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monthly Review - February 2010

February was another positive month for financial progress with small gains on my investments being supplemented by positive cash flow on my properties and a good savings rate to produce a solid if unspectacular gain in net worth.

Here are the details:

1. my Hong Kong equity portfolio appreciated. I completed one small day trade which was closed out for a small profit and a second trade which which is still open and showing a small loss (the amounts involved are trivial - these trades are done more for entertainment value than for any other reason)

2. most of my ETFs appreciated (Hong Kong, Russia and India) with the exception of Taiwan which went down

3. my commodities appreciated slightly

4. all of my properties are let and all tenants were paying on time producing a positive cash flow and contributing to the gain in net worth

5. currency movements produced a small loss

6. I did not do any ELDs

7. savings were positive with income at the mid range of expectations and expenses more or less in line. I also received the second part of my annual bonus this month (the other part was paid last month)

My cash position will take a major hit in March with the completion of the latest property purchase (a JV with mrs traineeinvestor). I will also be travelling on business for a week. As mrs traineeinvestor and I have not had a holiday without the children for two and a half years, she will come with me. The expenses (airticket, hotel etc) will hit the bank account next month.

We have also come to the conclusion that out apartment will need redecorating in the near future. Separate post to follow.

For the month, net worth increased by 2.6%. The year to date increase is 6.0%. A good start to the year.

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