Friday, October 21, 2011

Cosco Pacific purchased

This afternoon I made a small incremental purchase of Cosco Pacific (HK:1199). The additional shares cost HK$9.52.


Puzzled said...

I see that aastocks shows JP issuing a target price for 1199 of $8.7 and CS giving $14.5 within a day of each other. WTF?

traineeinvestor said...

Good question. At a guess (and it is a guess since I haven't seen the actual reports), I'd say that CS is looking at historical PB/PE etc numbers and concluding that it is cheap based on those metrics while JPM is focusing on the potential implications of a Greek default and a slow down in shipping volumes/rising costs.

While I have no idea who will be proved correct, I'm happy holding and, if it did drop to $8.70, would be very tempted to buy a few more.