Thursday, October 06, 2011

Even Karl Marx would be sniggering at this rubbish

Widespread ire at the scape goats for the developed world's financial mess is more than understandable - it's justified. (Of course it would help if all the scapegoats were vilified in the same way (politicians, unions, regulators, civil servants etc) but that's another issue...)

But this list of demands from the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is so silly it's actually quite funny.

Sure there's a lot wrong with the world and a lot that needs fixing but rubbish like this is, at best, a demonstration of the failings of an education system, the absence of a moral framework and an abrogation of personal responsibility for ones self. The only thing missing from the list is the author's right to have someone else cook and serve his meals for him.

Maybe I should come up with my own list.

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