Thursday, November 01, 2012

Eight pay days to go

Another month has been and gone. As far as retirement planning is concerned, nothing of substance has changed: there have been no changes to my proposed allocation of the remaining pay cheques and I have not increased the number of people who are aware that I will retire next year.

At the moment, it is still far enough away that the it hasn't really sunk in yet and I still worry that something may happen to cause the date to be shifted again. Possibly a case of the price of freedom being eternal vigilance. Once I am past New Year, I expect that the impending retirement will start to feel a bit more real.

Financially, everything remains on track (in spite of the best efforts of the Hong Kong government to keep me in the work force by cracking down on property investors) and our household expenses continuing to rise as the inflationary effects of QEternity continue to affect Hong Kong.

As far as the non-financial aspects are concerned, I would like to start picking up some of my intended retirement hobbies and interests - I really don't see the point in waiting - to the extent that they do not unduly impact on my work or family.

I've signed up for the Hong Kong marathon in February 2013 (which took over three hours dealing with a "busy" on-line application portal) and should start doing some training for that. If nothing else, I have a bit more motivation to keep up the exercise regime.

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