Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting down to the last time for some tasks

With less than seven months to go until I retire, I am starting to experience a few things for the last time (I hope!).

Today I submitted my last ever self assessment. Since I have concluded that I won't be bonus eligible this year and will be officially handing in my notice shortly after the actual assessments have been done, it ended up being a lot shorter than usual. Shorter is better - less work for me and less work for the people who read it. Somehow, it seemed like a major milestone on the countdown to retirement - in  fact the first such "last" that has actually struck me as being in some ways meaningful.

Looking forward, I can see a succession of other "lasts" approaching. Next up is my last office Christmas party.


Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin said...

Glad to see your retirement is coming up. What are your plans?

Anonymous said...

Hi Marvin

Thanks for dropping by.

Quite a few plans. I'm intending to do some part time study (assuming I get accepted which is not a given as the success rate for the course I would like to do is quite low), work on my fitness, make some meaningful progress on my novel, improve my fitness, tidy up several years worth of unsorted photos, start doing more of the cooking, some volunteering and so forth.

Actually, it doesn't sound like much of a retirement....but becoming mentally or physically idle is something I dread. Better too busy than not busy enough.