Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hong Kong Marathon

Nothing to do with personal finance, but I took part in the Hong Kong marathon today. Cooler weather and improved (but still horrible) pollution levels made for a better (but still slow) time and a much more pleasant experience than last year. That said, the Hong Kong marathon is hardly a world class event, suffering from a boring route (most of it is spent running up and down motorways), awful pollution and (in spite of the best efforts of the many highly appreciated voluteers who make the event possible), an almost total absence of crowd support.

The temptation to splurge on a trip to run an overseas marathon next year instead of repeating the Hong Kong marathon is growing.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Congested, boring and bad air. Though, why travel far when the solution is so close? There are half a dozen good marathons in and another dozen around HK, besides the crowded SCM. See for details. My personal favourite is the China Coast, organized by AVoHK.

traineeinvestor said...

Hi Paul

I have done the China Coast half before and enjoyed it. I have not managed to work myself up to doing the full course on those hills though.

I'm actually thinking about one of the marathons in Australia or Dubai next year and doing some sight seeing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Australia is beautiful though consider yourself preparing for the full distance during Hong Kong's hot and humid summer. Most popular Aussie runs are in "their" winter/spring season: Goald Coast (July), Sydney (September), Melbourne (October).
Dubai certainly is an option (January).