Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Financial Massacre

I hate Valentine's Day. Based on a straw poll of people in the office, I am part of a large majority who believe that the day should be renamed National Florists' Day to celebrate the ridiculous mark ups that the florists make. Of course the florists are not the only ones who gouge the (usually) men who feel emotionally pressured to demonstrate their feelings by emptying out their wallets. Restaurants, greeting card suppliers and chocolate vendors all jack up their prices, safely assuming that people will be forced to buy almost no matter how outrageous the price. Needless to say, people who feel both compelled to do something and know that they are being exploited will resent it.

In effect the crass commercial circus that is the modern Valentine's Day has very little to do with its romantic origins. If anything, it is much easier and more pleasurable to demonstrate the love and affection I feel for Mrs Traineeinvestor on any of the other 364 days in the year - at least she knows that I am acting from the heart rather than under duress.

And yes, my wallet is feeling much lighter today.

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Toxic Money said...

Amen. I hate V-Day, too. We are nice to each other and love each other all year around, not only when the calendar tells us to do so.