Monday, May 06, 2013

Dell really sucks

I have written about my computer problems. The latest is that about 70% of my documents, photos etc will be recoverable. The forensics experts are still working on it so the recovery rate may well go up but I am told that it is very unlikely to get close to 100% and I will have to wait another two weeks to get it back with whatever has been recovered and a new hard drive. Realistically, I will be faced with the loss of at least some data that cannot be replaced.

While I do not blame Dell for selling me a laptop that fails after less than two years, I do blame Dell for providing zero customer support:

  • the help line is well hidden and when I "press 3 for English" the result is a recorded message in Cantonese. Attempting to speak to the people who eventually answer the Cantonese or Mandarin help lines only results in being told that I must use the (non-existent) English help line. This is consistent with my experience with my previous dell laptop when the motherboard failed and had to be replaced
  • e-mails to the (also well hidden) support e-mail address generated no response whatsoever*
  • a message posted on their feedback site with an invitation to contact me produced no response whatsoever*
Dell has sent a very clear message that it does not give a ^$%#$ about its customers. Once you have purchased one of their products you are entirely on your own (even within the warranty period).

There are two Dell's that are currently in use in our home (and two older ones that we no longer use). By Q3 this year, that number will be reduced to zero. Dell has finally persuaded me to switch to Apple #. The only reasons for the delay is that Apple offers a small discount to students which I will be able to take advantage of later in the year. In the meantime, I am getting by with a combination of my work computer, iPhone and one of the original iPads.

The big decision is now - which Mac to get? I like the portability of the MacAir but I have a lot of photos and anticipate that I may need the larger flash memory that comes with the MacPro.

* and, yes, I have been checking my spam folder
# I gave some thought to getting a Lenovo Thinkpad given how reliable they have been for office use


Anonymous said...

Exactly. Despite apple shares have fallen so much, their product lines are still very attractive. I'm thinking about buying a MacBook Pro as well.

Anonymous said...

One odd thing happened when I was in the Apple Store - the guy I spoke to said that the 13" retina Mac Pro could only come with 512 GB of flash memory. The on-line store offers up to 756 GB.

I need to look into this further.